Blessed Aid has, for a cup years, set up a program of community education. This program consists of spreading awareness in different thematics such the suicide prevention, pacific cohabitation, registration of births and marriages at the registry office (Etat civil) in order to fight against statelessness, etc… Blessed Aid agents working as volunteers always go to different schools (primary and secondary) in Goma, meet with people in the community to speak about these topics.

This program is still going on apart from the formal education we’ve been offering to orphans and other vulnerable children. For example, with our partner Hands at Work in Africa, we’ve been helping more than 100 children to receive formal education at different schools such at Lac-vert/Goma and Luhonga/Masisi.

Despite this assistance, there is still a high number of orphans and other vulnerable children who are in need of help. This is why we hereby call upon other charitable organizations to fund Blessed Aid in order to bring a good response to these children.

Non-Governmental Organization working on : • Humanitarian assistance • Peace, democracy and human rights • Education and Leadership • Health and global protection • Environment and Sustainable development

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