Human Rights

One of the key-areas Blessed Aid has been working since its foundation in 2002 is human rights. Democratic Republic of Congo has been facing up different conflicts which unfortunately are the source of many human rights violations. Such as killings, sexual violences, recruitment of children in the army groups, kidnappings, etc. As for our, Blessed Aid collects data on various human rights abuses and produces reports that are shared with our different partners. Here are some of the examples of the field work we’ve done in order to promote and defend the human rights of marginalized people:

1. Blessed Aid has been working on sensitization of children who were associated in forces and army groups in Pinga (Masisi and Walikale territories). These children were forced to become child soldiers but have left thanks to different sensitizations our organization has conducted in collaboration with the local community. More than 150
children have been identified and are concerned with our programmes.

2. Blessed Aid has been working in the same area (Pinga) on the identification, orientation and sensitization of victims of international crimes committed in the area by different army groups and the governmental forces. As for the situation, during the year 2012 and 2013, there were many human rights abuses such as sexual violence, recruitment of children, killings of people, looting people’s properties, etc…

In 2015 our organization has documented on these human rights violations and sent the case to court where we are accompanying the victims. The army groups concerned with the violations of human rights in the area of Pinga are : – Nduma Defense of Congo (NDC, a brutal army group led by Ntabo Taberi Alias Sheka), Alliance of Patriots for a Free and Soverein Congo (APCLS, of Janvier Karairi), PARECO, FDLR, Nyatura.

The same work of identification, orientation and sensitization of the victims is being accomplished by Blessed Aid in Katoy and Ngungu sector, in Masisi territory where in 2011, 2012 and 2013 many international crimes were committed by Marcel Habarugira, a former leader of a brutal army group named Nyatura who was arrested in 2014 by the FARDC.

We work in Pinga as in Katoy and Ngungu sector with different partners such as Lawyers Without Borders/ASF-Belgium, Child protection/Monusco, Unated Nated Joint Human Rights Office (UNJHRO), Human Rights Watch, Cellule d’Appui aux Poursuites
(CAP/Monusco), Association des Barreaux Américains, etc.

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