Peace restoration is a major challenge we have been facing up in our country especially in east. Many organizations have instaured programs of peace reconciliation in the communities even the government of DRC and the International community have also done many efforts to bring peace but the problem remains the same. This is why our organization has also thought of having a program of educating the population in the question regarding pacific cohabitation. Since 2014, for example, Blessed Aid works on educating the pupils of primary and secondary schools in Goma about sexual gender-based violence (SGBV), gender-based violence (GBV),
peace and pacific cohabitation. We also involve in this thematic the authorities of the different schools in Goma where we gather them and talk about the topic of SGBV,
GBV, peace and pacific cohabitation and HIV/AIDS and both pupils and school authorities have been happy with this program.

Non-Governmental Organization working on : • Humanitarian assistance • Peace, democracy and human rights • Education and Leadership • Health and global protection • Environment and Sustainable development

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